Welcome to Gaby Gendelman's Art World

As a woman, wife and a mother of two, living a modern Orthodox Jewish life and its traditions, I myself take my inspiration from above. Spiritual visions instigate my painting knives and brushes that bring my canvases to life.
I collect personal impressions during a friendly and limitless discussion with my clients by personal meeting or via virtual internet discussion. These inputs converge into shapes, filled with colors of my customers personality.
I am greatly influenced by the years I spent in Hungary—the red hot paprika, the sparkling blue Danube River, the thousand colors of flowers, fabulous shades of Tokaj wines from the antique gold of young Hárslevelű to rich honey tints of Szamorodni and deep amber of Aszú; and the dark warm reds of the burgundy and Bikavér of other regions. When I studied Art History Victor Vasarely influenced my creative mind a lot.
During my stay in the United States I dwelled deep into Pablo Picasso’s work and artistic stages. His portrait of his children deeply awe-struck me with their lively bright tones.
All these experiences, studies and motions are adding up to that special component that I spill into my paints to achieve the right color fusion. These unique, brave, but expressive fancy new color schemes are my special gift I offer to my most treasured patrons.